When we bought our townhome in West Windsor in 2004, our annual property tax bill was $7,636. We were both working; it was doable. Fast forward to 2017/18. The annual tax bill on the same property is now $10,909.

We have since retired, living on Social Security benefits and our RMD’s. Not so easy now, with this tax increase of 43 percent.

Yan Mei Wang is not a seasoned politician looking to be elected so she can freely spend our money on grandiose projects. She is a fiscal conservative, concerned with limiting suburban development and protecting our existing farmland. She wants to spend our tax money wisely and has gone to school to learn how to produce the best results from intelligent, thoughtful and frugal spending methods.

I suggest anyone concerned about the soaring cost of living in West Windsor vote for Yan Mei, after examining the votes for tax increases cast by her competition in this current election.

— Robert Suto, West Windsor