All is not well in Hopewell. With little or no public involvement and without the input of our school board, Julie Blake and the township committee have given away our future in the form of millions in tax breaks to developers who are set to build thousands of homes — huge projects that will divert funding from our schools and place undue stress on our infrastructure. If plans are allowed to proceed, Hopewell residents will be on the hook to pay when the bill comes due.

We deserve better. I’m voting for Ed Jackowski this November for Hopewell Township Committee because he’ll help us halt these projects and find a path to growth that makes sense for the people of Hopewell. Ed’s honesty and openness to ideas have helped him build and run his business in Hopewell for more than 20 years. His roots in the community run deep. He’ll always put Hopewell first.

I’m not ready to feed our current committee’s appetite for rapid, rabid development. But I am ready for transparency, balance and smart, sustainable growth.

— Daniel Nestle

* * * * *

Hopewell Township residents have an opportunity to vote for a really unique individual on Nov 6. She personifies the best sort of public servant. She is smart. She works very hard and is very effective as a member of the township committee. Equally important, however, is that she is kind and calm and positive. She listens to everyone — all sides — with an open mind. She listens to learn about concerns of the township’s residents: what we want and need so that our township government can do things better than has previously been done.

This really special person is Julie Blake: wife, mother, professional high school counselor, resident of Brandon Farms, and currently Hopewell Township’s deputy mayor. Here’s one example of what she has done for us recently that few people know about.

Julie Blake has been extremely active in advocating for safe water and better communication from Trenton Water Works regarding lead contamination in the water supply of other municipalities. Since TWW provides the water to 40 percent of Hopewell Township, she has attended several mayor’s meetings in Trenton, spoke at the Trenton City Council, and pushed for Hopewell Township to do its own testing, which was done.

She arranged for the professionals at TWW to answer our questions at Stony Brook Elementary. She learned that testing had been done at Stony Brook Elementary School and that all levels were in accepted ranges. She is keeping a watchful eye on TWW to be assured that the township has safe water. But she never forgot about the many township residents with well water. She arranged that these homeowners can get their water tested for lead as well, for free. (Homeowners can go the township Health Department website for more information.)

No one pressured Julie Blake to do this. She saw a potential problem and addressed it without fanfare, without self promotion. This is how she works. I hope you will join me in re-electing her.

— Billie Moore

* * * * *

I am an independent voter who will not let party lines in local government blur what is best for our community. Living in West Windsor for many years, I witnessed overdevelopment of housing, lack of a master plan, overcrowding of schools and a higher tax burden on residents. I relocated my family to Hopewell Township for the smaller schools, open space, natural environment and small-town community. Since moving to Hopewell Township, I’ve seen our taxes increase and open space decrease.

Ed “Jack” Jackowski has demonstrated keen awareness of these issues, and will fight to restore order and balance to our township, while examining all options, and listening to our concerns. We need more people like Jack stepping up to get involved.

— Scott Boyarsky

* * * * *

Ed Jackowski has promised to listen respectfully to the public and to consider alternatives when key issues emerge within the township. Did you know that the present committee rushed to a decision in approving the construction of 2,881 market rate housing units and a community center, both without any meaningful public input? The addition of these housing units will increase our student body by roughly 3,500 students and require the building of two new schools.

Additionally, did you know that the current committee approved a PILOT program which provides the developers a considerable tax break at the expense of our school district. Included within these provisions, builders are not required to pay for any associated school construction costs, increases in teaching staff or the required increases in police, fire, EMT, public works equipment or the additional municipal staff necessary to support this growth.

Who will be left to pay for these changes in our township? These are critical issues for our citizens to be aware of. A better balance on the committee will encourage our very talented citizens to bring concerns to a forum where every voice matters and every opinion counts.

Attending a number of Ed’s events, I’ve decided that he is a man of great integrity and if elected, is one who will work tirelessly to ensure our township is informed, engaged, and has a voice in what matters most in Hopewell Township.

— Jeff Bozarth