Terhune Orchards and the Mount family were awarded the first annual Farm-to-School Farmer Recognition Award by Doug Fisher, New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture.

The Farm to School Farmer Recognition Award acknowledges Terhune Orchards’ outstanding contributions to educating children about the importance of farming and the environment and the farm’s educational initiatives for students of all ages and abilities. On school tours, children can explore the farm, learn how a farm operates, discover gardens, interact with animals and participate in hands-on activities while learning about crops, pollinators, the importance of water, and the life cycle of insects. Since they started farming in 1975, the Mounts have hosted thousands of school children on educational farm tours.

For the last 13 years, Tannwen Mount has organized Read and Pick programs for preschoolers where the Terhune Orchards staff leads education programs and reads stories related to farm produce and activities, then the children and parents pick the fruit and vegetables.

Reuwai Hanewald, a former science teacher, has participated in many farm-to-school programs in local schools where she joins local chefs and provides Terhune Orchards’ fresh fruits and vegetables, introducing children to growing, cooking and eating New Jersey fresh farm produce.

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