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Discover India 2018, held in Patriots Theater in Trenton on October 7th was a day to remember. It was an ensemble of mind-blowing performances, food, shopping, art, music and dance. Discover India 2018 featured an internationally acclaimed group – Viva Kultura(Polish: Long Live Culture). Viva’s performance was a treat in every sensorially way!

This event was organized by Shikha Rastogi, who is incredibly dedicated to her mission of spreading culture and harmony across every corner of the Tri-State region. Joining Shikha in her passion is an equally dedicated team of some amazing inspiring women. The members of this team are Kavitha Pradeep, Kala Sivakumar, Leena Dave and Vidya Rajarajan.

“Culture is something that is not restricted to only the people of the country itself, but to the world around it as well. It should be our responsibility as humans to help spread culture to everybody, so this world becomes more accepting,” says Shikha Rastogi about her thought process for this event.

Discover India 2018 was the 8th edition of this annual program aimed at displaying the various Indian values through culture and explaining the same to our upcoming generations through their involvement.

Viva Kultura’s 7 act presentation was the highlight of the show. This was truly a Broadway-like experience in Central NJ. There were 40 artists from 15 different countries performing multiple acts of arts, music and dance to depict stories from Indian background. Their retelling of Ramayana – the story of Rama and Sita is remembered by many viewers. Audience were left teary eyed after the performance and wanted to stay longer and watch Viva Kultura. Each act was Broadway class and entertaining to their level best.

The theme for Discover India 2018 was celebrating culture through the stories. For this reason, every performance or musical program was arranged to display a facet of the Indian life values. The events were well orchestrated by the Discover India organizing team. Some of the amazing performers to have graced the stage are Shivani Badgi’s Gurukul, SoorStruck – Rythm SPEC, Lavani Dance – Punam & Group, Tantras, Rhythm Dancers and Dancing Divas.

Sanskruti school of dance brought to stage “The Lion King” through Bharat Natyam – an Indian form of dance. The dancers were impeccably dressed in the Lion King styled costume and they mesmerized the audience through their dance performance.

There were many vendors with amazing goods to be sold and a wonderful exhibition of handmade art – Hastakala. Catering to the tastebuds was delicious food from Amravati Indian Cuisine.

Discover India 2018 was organized in the Patriots Theater at the War Memorial, Trenton, NJ. The grandeur of the venue and the auditorium left the audience spellbound.

Shikha and her team has vowed to bring even more and better programming for the years to come.