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Ed “Jack” Jackowski with his wife, Anita, and children.

Ed “Jack” Jackowski has been a vital part of the Hopewell-Pennington community since 1996. When Jackowski first purchased the land, there was nothing there but the greenhouse, which the previous owner had built in the 1970s. For the first five years the Jackowskis concentrated on fixing up the property. As a result of their hard work and dedication, Jack’s Greenhouse and Farm has grown to become one of the area’s largest nurseries. Today, he has 13 acres at 10 Woosamonsa Road and around 11 more acres in the area where he also grows his stock.

Jackowski, who was first called “Jack” during his days in the Marine Corps, has had a hands on approach to the business from its beginnings.

Conveniently located at 10 Woosamonsa Road in Pennington, Jack’s is the perfect destination for preparing your garden and yard for every season. Jack’s has something for every season: Spring, Summer, Fall and Christmas Season! The nursery is full of annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs.

Jackowski says, “Because most of the plants that we have to offer are grown right here, we have the advantage of providing quality nursery stock at a great price. You pick and we dig! The plants that we do not grow, we buy from within the state. This ensures that your plant is hardy and can withstand our climate changes from a wet summer to a very cold winter. We are also a Design/Build Landscape firm offering one stop shopping for all your outdoor needs.”

“With the holidays quickly approaching, we are gearing up for a festive time. We have a wide array of poinsettias in a variety of colors and patterns, from the classic full red or white to plants with variegated leaves that look like candy canes. Come in and let us design your own wreathes that are hand-decorated for a unique look.”

“We offer balled Christmas trees that can be planted after the holiday to enhance your yard or you can bring the family to cut your own (at this time there is a limited supply.) Our pre-cut trees come from nearby Pennsylvania and are picked up weekly so they are fresh and long lasting. Just imagine the scent they will bring to your home.”

Years of experience has given Jackowski a wealth of knowledge about landscaping in the region. “Know your site! Does it have sun or shade. If sun, is it morning or afternoon? A plant that needs full sun, requires a good eight to ten hours of direct sun a day to flourish. Sure, that beautiful Butterfly Bush would look great on the north side of your house, but it will not survive for long. Then consider the soil. Does it have good drainage? Is it heavy clay, shale or sandy? And do not forget the pH especially if you want brilliant azaleas or hydrangeas. There are many factors to consider when planning the perfect garden.”

The Jackowskis are committed to being a strong part of the Hopewell-Pennington area. “We live at the nursery so our business is literally our home. We strive to be active in social and civic events in town.” They are a proud sponsor of the Hopewell Valley Soccer Association. Jack is also committed to giving back to the community that has been so good to them and is running for a Hopewell Township Committee seat in the upcoming election, Tuesday, November 6th.

Explore what your great outdoors can be at Jack’s Greenhouse and Farm.