Ewing High School students Gianna Griffiths, Mohammad Srouji, and  Isabel Van Wagner.

Three Ewing High School students jumped into action to save the life of a swimmer at the Ewing Senior Community Center.

Sophomore Gianna Griffiths, senior Mohammad Srouji, and junior Isabel Van Wagner were working as lifeguards at the pool this summer when a swimmer went into distress at the bottom of the pool.

“I was shocked, it was unexpected, but you have to know that anything can happen,” Srouji said. “I was scared, but you have to power through it.”

Griffiths swam to the bottom of the pool and brought the swimmer to the surface at the edge of the pool, where Srouji assisted her in removing the victim and Van Wagner responded to clear the pool and help her classmates.

Determining that the victim was not breathing and needed CPR, Griffiths began chest compressions with the assistance of a medical professional and they were able to resuscitate the victim.

“Life is so precious,” Griffiths said. “To help give someone back the gift of life is something I will never forget. It certainly reminds you to live life to its fullest.”

The three Blue Devils now share a bond for life.

“Before this situation, Mo was just another person walking in the hallway, and Isabel was a girl in chorus,” Griffiths said. “Now because of this, it’s different. I have so much respect for them and for the experience we shared.”