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We all have that special love of our lives and we want to pamper them. When that love is four-footed and furry, there is no better place for pampering than Paws Grooming, conveniently located at 1905 Rt. 33, Concord Square, Hamilton Square. Owner Cathy DiPasquale’s lifelong passion has been caring for animals and her dedication and sensitivity to her clients show.

“Paws has been in business for 38 years and has been at the same location the entire time. I am the third owner and it’s almost like having the company handed down through family,” says DiPasquale. “We give our clients the individual attention they all need. Do you have a new puppy or kitten, or do you have an aging friend. We treat all our clients with tender loving care.”

Unlike commercial groomers, Paws does not have age restrictions. “Some grooming salons will not take an animal that is over 12 years of age because they feel the older animal presents a liability issue. But that leaves clients with no one to care for their furry family members. A little arthritis or sensitivity should not preclude giving your pet the attention he or she deserves. We never stop grooming your old friends,” declares DiPasquale.

“We keep up to date with the latest methods of grooming the newer breeds of dogs, whose fur can be challenging because of genetic blending. In addition, we use top quality shampoos, medicated baths, conditioners, and products to enhance your pets experience. We take the time to educate the owner on how to brush and comb their pets, so they can keep their coats in good condition between appointments.”

Among the newest innovations is the Furminator line of shampoo and conditioner, specially formulated to address shedding and undercoat issues. Paws also specializes in products to alleviate dermatitis that can arise from allergies or other irritants. Skin preparations with avocado and oatmeal help with itching.

DiPasquale says, “I have had a passion for all kinds of animals since I was a child. I worked at Great Adventure’s Safari in my late teens and love caring for the lions, elephants and other animals. In my twenties, a groomer asked me if I would like to learn the trade. It was the best decision of my life. Now more than 30 years later, I was offered the opportunity to purchase Paws and I have the greatest job and talented staff. I am privileged to have on staff Sandra Tkacs who is a stylist specializing in cat grooming and Morgana Korsak, a talented dog stylist.”

Appointments can be scheduled all year long. “We attend to all breeds that need cooling cuts in the summer and help with soothing feet irritated by salt in the winter.”

“We are a full-service Grooming Salon and are dedicated to providing the care your animal needs in a kind and loving way. All animals are different in the way they react to being left at a grooming salon, we realize that separation anxiety is a common reaction. We try to minimize the anxiety by creating a soothing environment. We play music and use padded matts for their comfort. The time frame is usually 3 to 4 hours . Bigger clients can require longer grooming times.”

Paws Grooming provides the utmost professional care from cutting to dental hygiene to the full “pet mani-pedi” designed to pamper your pet and keep them healthy and happy. Call for an appointment anytime.

Phone: (609) 586-9860.