I know that Prasannakumar Padinhareveetil would represent me, and my daughter on the Board Of Education (BOE). He has so much experience educating WWP students, and hearing their voices, and their parents’ voices. Prasannakumar knows exactly what the children in WWP undergo, all the way from elementary school up through high school. He is extremely intelligent, patient, and inspiring to the children he works with.

I would feel much happier and more optimistic, knowing that Prasannakumar is on the BOE, being a voice for us. I trust him completely. And nothing is more important than the education of our children. We need the school decision making process trusted with educators like Prasannakumar.

— Seema Sathaye, Plainsboro

* * * * *

We have known Prasanna Padinhareveetil for last several years as a neighbor, a friend and a teacher. Prasanna’s background, passion for teaching, and his close connection with students and parents in this district for last many years will be a big asset for BOE. Prasanna is a patient listener, a problem solver and a dedicated individual who gives his 100% to whatever responsibility he takes on. Being an educator and a mentor he can bring huge value to the table. We strongly support Prasanna for the position at BOE.

— Deep Singh, Plainsboro

* * * * *

My family has been friends with Prasannakumar Padinhareveetil for 20 years. He is a lovely, caring person who wants what is best for our kids. He has the qualifications and experience in education that would make him a big asset on the Board of Education. Prasannakumar has also been a math educator and shares deep knowledge on how to raise and educate children the right way through insightful articles.

Now Prasannakumar is stepping up to run for Board of Education, a volunteer position. Prasannakumar has a unique perspective that we need on the Board of Education. He has my vote.

— Piyush Agarwal, Plainsboro

* * * * *

I know Prasannakumar Padinhareveetil for several years. He has a degree in teaching Mathematics, and has helped ww-p students for 15 years. Prasanna understands how children learn, and how to teach. Prasanna truly cares about our students, he spends time teaching, and talking to students and parents

every week. He is immersed in the WWP curriculum and the textbooks even though he has a full time job as a technologist at a bank. This clearly shows his passion towards academics and students .

Prasanna sees the struggles, hard work and hopes of students and parents. We need Prasanna and his knowledge of education on the WWP BOE. Please vote for him on November 6.

— Anjali Sharma, Plainsboro