I’m running for Township Council to work with all residents to make West Windsor a better place to work and raise families.

Having worked in technology and business for 22 years, I am uniquely qualified to promote business development for West Windsor to increase commercial presence and tax income. I have been working with Mercer County Community College and the Princeton Chamber of Commerce (as a member of its Technology Committee) to promote local entrepreneurship and startups. Many of my friends, my contacts, and West Windsor residents work in technology and seek to start companies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). I am hostinga forum on these fast-growing fields to encourage these new businesses locate in West Windsor.

Having served as a member of the WW-P School District Board of Education for three years, I am the only candidate with elected public service experience who has a proven record of listening to public input and making sound judgment to balance improving the quality of education with protecting the emotional health of our students. I am the strongest advocate of the newly established Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program.Research demonstrates that DLI programs not only seamlessly teach young students a second language, but they improve overall academic achievement. DLI programs promote a culture of global citizenship and interaction among people with different ethnicities and backgrounds, and therefore help us build a stronger community.

As an 18-year resident with three children who attended WW-P schools, I truly call West Windsor home sweet home. I plan to stay here and hope our children will return to West Windsor after they graduate college. We need to plan for smart growth to provide good opportunities for the next generation to work and live here. We also need to take care of our senior citizens by continuing to improve the quality of life in town.

I greatly appreciate the support I have already received from our community (514 voters signed my candidacy petition, compared with 285 and 263 for the other two candidates). I have the most elected, work, and volunteer experience to lead a financially-sound, environmentally-friendly, vibrant, diverse, and united West Windsor.

— Yingchao “YZ” Zhang