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The Lewis School of Princeton is an exceptional school where generations of students who learn differently have overcome the frustration and anxiety associated with reading, writing, and schoolwork. Lewis is an independent, nonprofit, K-12 college preparatory day school, fully accredited by the NJAIS and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, and The Orton International Dyslexia Society. The school, which combines with its Center for Educational Testing and Teacher Training, is an established leader among respected programs offering research-based education to students impacted by dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, auditory processing (CAP) deficits, dyscalculia (math) and inconsistent executive functioning. Our students’ unconventional approaches to language processing are understood as learning differences that coexist with significant inherent challenges among children who are otherwise remarkably capable, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers. Learning at Lewis is individualized, structured, sequential, and multisensory in all subjects across the curriculum. Some children learn quickly and permanently, while others build skill sets carefully one step at a time. In the majority, students meet with success almost immediately. They begin to feel better about themselves and more confident and excited about learning.

The Lewis School is a warm, enthusiastic, child-centered environment where Lewis-certified master teachers, learning specialists, and ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists tailor their strategies and mentoring to each child’s specific academic strengths and weaknesses, aptitudes and interests. Teachers and instructors at Lewis are trained in the underlying neuroscience of “Learning and the Brain.” They keep current with cutting-edge innovation and are among the most thoroughly prepared and successful educators for children who learn differently in the country.

The school’s Extended Day K-12 Programs provide students with exceptional options for enrichment, new learning, tutorial support, and the development of social intelligence and executive functioning. Children may choose STEM learning, robotics, 3-D printing and design, public speaking, speech department, writer’s lab or poet’s corner, theater and acting, visual and fine arts, competitive athletics, club sports or SAT and ACT PREP.

The Lewis School curriculum is challenging, competitive, and parallels and/or exceeds the New Jersey State Core Curriculum requirements for high school graduation. Lewis is ungraded and also provides educational intervention and support for high school post-graduates, GAP year students, and college students looking to build stronger reading, writing, and study skills.

The Lewis School does not define dyslexia as a reading problem in isolation. Dyslexia can affect language processing in a wide range of modalities expressed in the brain’s organization and mechanics of learning. Difficulties may be evident in auditory processing, written language, executive functioning, organizational skills, and memory systems. Current evidence-based research in education corroborates the efficacy and appropriateness of teaching and learning approaches that Lewis has used for decades.

Our education combines well-known remedial programs with Marsha Lewis’ proprietary system of teaching and learning, Lewis Integrated Multisensory Mechanics of Language and Learning. Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading, Linda­mood-Bell, and the Fernald Method are simultaneous staples of teaching.

The College PREP program (Preparing the Reach Exceptional Potential) is a standout Lewis School experience that thoroughly prepares students to navigate the academic rigors, social stressors, and the many opportunities of college life.

This year, the graduates of the Class of 2018 were accepted to diverse colleges and universities, and together they were awarded $1.6 million in merit scholarship funding.

Lewis PREP programs are completely individualized and designed to steer and support college-bound “seniors” through every step of the application process. This includes preparation for the SAT/ACT, and the foreign language requirements. A team of skilled, highly experienced advisors meets with their assigned students regularly, often daily on a set schedule, until all applications, essays, and required documentation is finalized.

Students who qualify are encouraged to spend summers at other private schools, universities, or in programs abroad to explore special interests they may have. College PREP planning at Lewis has opened the door to extraordinary opportunity for thousands of Lewis School graduates.

Our graduates have created an unrivaled legacy of excellence and achievement in their professional and personal lives. They have become championship divers in local and national competitions and Olympic trials; they are film-makers, artists and published poets; they have been accepted on scholarships to colleges and universities nationally and internationally; they serve as board members, law professors, and medical school instructors. Several are recognized members of Fortune 500 companies managing international wealth, private equity, and mergers.

The following excerpt is from a letter written by Lewis alumnus, Frederick Beer. “I don’t know where I’d be today without The Lewis School. I was taught to work hard and to value and respect learning differences there. The school helped me realize that learning differently as I do can be a positive attribute. I discovered that seeing and learning things in a different way gives me a unique perspective that is vital not only in my career but also in my life.”

Fred attended The Lewis School during the 1980s and earned his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester. He was accepted to the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT. Fred is a certified facilitator through the Creative Problem Solving Institute, co-founded Auregen Communications Inc., and was co-founder and board chair of Potential Point, LLC, where he spearheaded an award-winning project to help companies build high performance work cultures. Fred has been a member of the Rochester Junior Achievement Advisory Board since 1999 and is president of ITX Corporation. Recently, the Rochester Business Journal recognized Fred Beer as “a visionary entrepreneur.”

Like so many others whose education and enrichment was shaped by The Lewis School, Fred Beer is helping to make the world a better place, with life at Lewis helping to create an extraordinary and successful life after Lewis possible. It in undeniable that alumni like Fred Beer are not only positive role models for children with dyslexia, but for all of us.