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Driving onto Team Campus feels like coming to a well-manicured country club.

Excitement builds as you approach the elegantly designed architecture and walk into the double doors of Team85 Fitness & Wellness, it’s as if we have entered a state-of-the-art wonderland of a community Health club.

Imagine a place where anything is possible. Where living well is more than just exercise, it’s a lifestyle. A place where people lift you up. Help you. Encourage you to keep working and do what you love. Team85 is that and so much more.

Once you walk in you are greeted by an open entry way that is entirely unexpected and unlike other health clubs. To even relate Team85 to another health club is a mistake, it is a place where dreams become reality. You walk up to the semi-circle desk and you are greeted by the friendliest people. It’s like walking into “Cheers” where everyone knows your name. After you check in you look to your left and there is a dedicated area to the Team Café, which serves healthy and delicious food. You look to your right and see the full-service Team Salon and Spa.

Once you pass the front desk you’ll notice a large lap pool and kids pool, and the complimentary Team Kids area. Walking into the locker-rooms causes you to jump backwards, the lockers have a Columbian walnut finish and the sauna is luxurious. You could spend your entire day relaxing on the first floor. However, the desire to go upstairs is compelling. You will feel like an adult Charlie walking through Wonka’s factory.

Walking up the grand staircase and reaching the top causes your jaw to drop. Directly in front of you are three exercise/yoga studios, a cinema studio and a spin room. That’s before you even look to your left or right. On your left is a trainer’s area, and the entire floor is made up of nicely spaced machinery that lets you know you will never wait in line to use the equipment. On the right is a free weights area. Bordering the entire floor is an indoor track. Amazingly this 75,000 sq. ft. health club is not everything Team85 has to offer.

Walking behind the gym through a breezeway brings you to a 45,000 sq. ft. field house. It houses an 80-yard turf field, two full court basketball courts, additional gym equipment, and the Team85 Cantina and batting cages.

Team85 is a best in class, multi-purpose health & wellness facility that provides state-of-the-art modern fitness and wellness programs to help all members make measurable improvements in their health and fitness. Our staff is dedicated to helping members mind and improve their bodies and enjoy themselves in a welcoming and uplifting community.

Team85 Fitness & Wellness Health Club is located at 8500 K Johnson Blvd. Bordentown, N.J. 08505, and is open Monday through Friday at 4 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Team85 Fitness & Wellness can be reached at 609-298-8585 or