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A restaurant makes healthy, affordable, vegetarian, vegan, and organic food accessible in central New Jersey.

“We want to transform the way people think about fast, convenient, and healthy cuisine.” Denise and Aubrie Evans, the passionate mother-daughter duo founded Properly Fueled in order to create a place for the community to learn what it means to eat well. Serving as the local Chiropractor in Bordentown for over two decades, Denise has always felt a void in healthy restaurant options for her patients. All of the restaurants seemed the same—a lack of focus on nutrition and convenience. One night she awoke from a dream with a clear vision and a name. After that she knew she needed to be the one to properly fuel her community with healthy fare.

Denise and Aubrie feel that you shouldn’t have to live in a big city or spend a lot of money to eat healthy. “In our local area no one was offering farm fresh ingredients for a fair price. No one was educating families about nutrition, and no one was offering the kind of delicious food that we love to cook at home. We decided to change that.”

The menu accommodates a variety of special dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, and gluten free options, thought that is not their only focus. Their sandwiches feature heritage bacon and organic poultry that comes from several local farms in the area. “I think because we live in the garden state, it’s so very important, our farms are the backbone of our state and us being in such a good area of our state, it’s really important for us to support them and they support us.”

In addition to standards such as eggs and oatmeal, breakfast items include two signature tartines. The Avocado Smash tartine, is a slice of bread topped with avocado, lime, Himilayan pink salt, chia seeds and micro greens. The Nutty Monkey is topped with natural peanut butter, local honey, coconut oil, coconut flakes, and chia seeds. They make their own granola for topping yogurt, in house.

The signature “bowls” are an eclectic assortment of salads with ingredients, such as kale, avocado, quinoa, and microgreens. Another mainstay is the shakes. Made with coconut water or almond milk, the blended drinks come in fruity flavors to suit every taste. They are made with a variety of fruit and vegetable combinations. Customers can even order premeasured kits to make these shakes at home, from the restaurant’s website.

The menu changes with the seasons and they’re always adding new items. “I love those menus items personally because I love eating things seasonally and I love eating things that just feel summery. Like right now we have a blackened shrimp burrito with mango salsa, rice and beans, cabbage, avocado and a lime crema. It’s also a great opportunity to feature things that are growing seasonally from our farms,” says Aubrie.

They restaurant offers takeout and catering and orders may be placed online or by phone.

The eatery is located at 1 ½ Crosswicks Street in downtown Bordentown, right next to Denise’s practice, Evans Family Chiropractors. The phone number is 609-424-0036.