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Take a closer look the next time your child boards the bus for school. There’s a family behind the wheel: drivers and operators who are part of a family-owned business dedicated to the community for more than 90 years.

“We are a family owned and operated bus company that has roots back to 1927 when my grandfather, George Dapper Sr., began a transport business with horses and tractors,” says Carli Dapper, Operations Manager, proudly. “George Dapper Sr. began with only three buses and within just a few years he was building his own fleet. His son, George I. Dapper, began working full time with his father after he completed college and served in the army. They had 22 buses by that time. In 2010, the business had grown to over 500 school vehicles. George Dapper Incorporated is now one of the largest independent contractors of school vehicles in the state of New Jersey.”

The family works side by side every day with its employees to provide safe busing for students in Robbinsville, Hamilton, West Windsor, Lawrence, Trenton, and many other communities in Central New Jersey. “We take this job extremely seriously and we are proud to be a part of our children’s journey every day,” says Dapper. “Our drivers are loyal and devoted to transporting all of our children safely, and many have watched these students grow up along their route.”

“We forget that drivers have a unique position in the school community. In many ways they are the unsung heroes of our business. They are the front line in safety and have an exceptionally complex job. They navigate roads in treacherous conditions, keep an eye on the children, and have had extensive training on what to do if something goes wrong. We are continually conducting background checks for new employees, administering monthly drug tests, and updating TB tests and physicals. Our commitment to safety is unparalleled.”

Dapper provides safe, reliable transportation during the year for both special needs schools as well as local school districts. “We transport all students, including special needs children. Our drivers and bus monitors are trained in CPR, wheelchair securement, and many other safety protocols,” says Dapper.

Area parents can take comfort in knowing that their child is watched over by another family who cares about their safety and well-being. Dapper Bus has transported generations of children to school and home again with pride and care.