Rachel Kochis is the Ewing featured artist of the month. Her work is on display at Town Hall through the end of the August.

The Ewing Art Commission and Art Has No Boundaries will feature work by multi-medium artist Rachel Kochis at Ewing Town Hall through the end of August.

Kochis has experimented and developed skill in several different mediums ranging from three dimensional work — ceramics, electrical, metal, mixed media, sculpture and wood work — to two dimensional work — charcoal/pastel, pen and ink as well as painting. She also delves into photography from a number of perspectives and digital work, including graphic and web design.

Kochis’ high school art teacher, Mrs. Daidone, said she is a quiet and thoughtful young women who speaks loudly through her art. “The often auto-biographical work is thoughtful, powerful, at times poignant, and ultimately resilient.”

Work by Kochis is on display at Ewing Town Hall through the end of the the month.

Born and raised in Ewing, the 17-year-old emerging artist has been experimenting with various forms of art from a young age. It wasn’t until she began attending Ewing High School that she started to embrace her own perspective and style through mentorship and encouragement.

Kochis has struggled with a multitude of health complications including: chronic migraines, AMPS (amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome), gastroparesis, depression, anxiety and panic disorder. These have heavily influenced the art that she has produced in recent years. Kochis’ pieces make statements and have symbolic aspects. She plays with color, size, space, reality and idioms to ensure the viewer understands what she is expressing.

Another source of inspiration comes from close family and friends, who hold a significantly treasured place in her heart. Kochis is also a Jehovah’s Witness, which inspired her adoration, and captivation, with nature and living things.

”Rachel has overcome many obstacles in her life,” Art Has No Boundaries founder Melissa Bennett said. “Working with her on our featured artist program has been my pleasure, and I’m in awe of her work. Please come out to meet Rachel and see her talent for yourself.”

Rachel plans to pursue art as a career because it brings her joy. Her hope is to bring that same joy to others by helping them discover that art can invoke both feelings and motivation for change.

She is a recent graduate from Ewing High School and plans on staying in the area by attending Mercer County Community College for two years.

Kochis’ work will be on display at Town Hall until the end of August. She will be on hand for a Meet the Artist Night at Town Hall from 6 to 8 p.m. on Aug. 16. Kochis can also be reached at artisticnode@gmail.com.

Local artists interested in having their art showcased at Town Hall should contact the Ewing Arts Commission at ewingartdisplay@gmail.com.