The Zoning Board was scheduled to hear the following applications at its regular meeting on Wednesday, July 25:

32 Markham Road, John Womack and Jean E. Ross, owners and applicants. Variance for a side yard setback to rebuild a two-car garage.

78 Dempsey Avenue, Roy Selig, owner and applicant. Lot width variance at building line for accessory building.

44 Morgan Place, Bridger Investments, LLC, owner, and TJB Architects, applicant. Variance for construction of a new single family house on a non-conforming lot. The lot does not meet the minimum required lot frontage, width, and area.

23 Leigh Avenue, Marina Rubina, owner and applicant. Variance and bulk variances for side yard setback and parking to permit expansion of single family home and flat. Review by board to determine whether the single family and flat use has been abandoned.