Anna, Evander and Harrison Bomm have all carried on the family’s scouting tradition.

Anna Bomm has been involved with the Our Lady of Sorrows Cub Scout Pack 38 since she was a baby. Attending Cub Scout meetings and events for her older brothers Harrison and Evander, Anna fell in love with the troop. Turning 5 this summer, Anna will now have another reason to attend Pack 38 events: she’ll be a part of it.

Anna is one of the first girls in the region to be part of a Boy or Cub Scout group.

“It’s really exciting to see Anna being one of the first girls in the area to be a Cub Scout,” said Anna’s father, Damian Bomm. “She has taken a great interest in the troop since she started attending events for her brothers. I’m happy she’ll be able to experience more of what cub scouts offer with being a part of the troop.”

With the Boys Scouts of America allowing girls to join the Cub Scouts ranks starting this coming fall, Anna is one of three girls that will be a part of OLS Cub Scout 38. Through the Early Adopter Program, Anna joined the group this summer, not having to wait until September like other newcomers.

Then, in 2019, girls will be able to join the Boy Scouts. The Boys Scouts of America organization announced in May it will change its name to Scouts BSA to acknowledge the welcoming of girls into its program. Girls will able to earn the same ranks as the boys, including the high honor of Eagle Scout.

Anna’s love for Scouts stems from her family’s involvement in it. OLS Cub Scout Pack 38 has been a big part of the Bomm family ever since their oldest son Harrison joined the pack six years ago. The Bomms’ younger son Evander, 7, followed his brother footsteps and joined the troop when he turned 5. And now, Anna has followed suit.

Harrison, Evander and Anna all attend Our Lady of Sorrows School.

‘I’ve always thought that girls should be given the same opportunity to earn the same ranks and get involved in boys scouts like the boys do.’

Damian, who is a former scout himself, has been the OLS Pack 38 Cubmaster for the past four years. The pack is a very family-oriented group, Damian said. All the children in the troop must have at least one parent or guardian with them during Cub Scout events, and family members are always encouraged to participate.

Because of that, both Evander and Anna got the chance to attend OLS Cub Scout Pack 38 events ever since Harrison joined the troop. By doing so, the younger siblings found they liked the troop just like their brother did.

The OLS Cub Scout Pack 38 offered a lot of activities for the three siblings to do together, including going on camping trips, visiting museums and historic monuments, learning how to cook and build a fire outside, not to mention, lending a hand in the community.

“It’s really exciting to see all three of them wanting to get involved in Cub Scouts,” Damian said. “I really enjoyed being a Cub Scout and Boy Scout when I was younger. A lot of things I learned by being a Boy Scout helped form me into the person I am today. You also get a chance to explore and try new things, which I believe are great for the kids. We get to go on fun field trips and camping trips. Gives them a chance to explore new activities that can get involved in.”

Cub Scouts range from five to 11 years old. Boy Scouts range from 11-18 years old. In each Cub Scout pack, there are separate dens for the members in the troop based on age. Damian was Harrison’s den leader before becoming Cubmaster.

It will be a different ordeal for the girls, who will have their own den based on age and gender. The den leader for the girls group must be a woman. That has brought Anna’s mother, Jessica, into frey, making all five members of the Bomm Family involved in or a graduate of OLS Cub Scout Pack 38. Harrison, now 11, will make the jump to Boy Scouts this year, joining Troop 38.

Damian says Jessica is looking forward to being a den leader and learning more about the cubs and boys scout ranks. Harrison, on the other hand, is looking forward to learning new things in Boy Scouts, like earning his Whittling Chip Certification so he can hold sharp objects like a pocket knife.

Damian said he has been a big supporter of girls joining the Boy Scouts. As a Cubmaster, Damian goes on recruiting trips to functions to recruit more kids to get involved in the Boy Scouts and says he gets a lot of inquiries about girls wanting to join.

“I remember a lot of girls that were like me, Explorer Scouts as teenagers, so I’ve always thought that girls should be given the same opportunity to earn the same ranks and get involved in boys scouts like the boys do,” Damian said.

For OLS Cub Scout Pack 38, Damian expects more girls, besides the first three young ladies, to join the troop this fall.

“I have gotten phone calls and emails from parents inquiring that their daughters might be interested in joining the troop the past few months,” Damian said. “Some girls that have brothers in the pack, too, and attend a lot of events that we do, are thinking about possibly be wanting to join as well.”

Regardless of the number in the den, Anna said she looks forward to doing activities she enjoys, such as arts and crafts and coloring.

That excitement is thrilling for Damian, who advanced through the scouting ranks himself from Cub Scout to Eagle Scout. Now that all his children have joined Cub Scout, everything has come full-circle for the Bomm family.

“I’m really happy that all three of my kids have taken a liking into being Cub Scouts and now Harrison becoming a Boy Scout,” Damian said. “I think being involved in the Cub Scouts has given all of them more of a chance to interact with others and also interact with each other outside of the home. I think adding girls to the mix will make it an even better experience for everyone. Very excited to be apart of this experience with my kids and everybody else in the our troop.”