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After multiple negotiation meetings, the Lawrence Board of Education and the Lawrence Township Principals and Supervisors Association signed a Memorandum of Agreement on May 17 settling LTPSA’s contract. Subsequently, LTPSA ratified the negotiated settlement on June 6 and the school board approved and adopted the agreement on June 13. The bargaining unit’s contract was due to expire June 30. The new contract’s terms were effective July 1 and extend to June 30, 2021.

All principals (seven), assistant principals (five), supervisors (eight) and the athletic director are in the LTPSA bargaining unit. Ten of the LTPSA administrators are 10-month employees, whereas the others are 12-month employees.

Terms of the new contract include the following:


Existing members receive 23 vacation days annually. Members hired new to the unit after July 1, 2018 will earn 17 vacation days in the first year of service and one additional vacation day in each subsequent year of service up to a maximum of 20 vacation days.


The unit’s salary base will increase 2.9 percent each year of the contract.

Retirement benefits

Effective July 1, 2020, the maximum payments for unused accumulated sick leave at retirement is $10,000 for 12-month employees and $8,000 for 10-month employees. The maximum retirement payout for most other district employees is $15,000.

Work day/year

Over the course of the contract, four of the ten 10-month administrators will be made 12-month employees. Positions due to be increased to 12-months are the supervisor of guidance (one) and other administrators (three). The school board and LTPSA mutually will agree upon which administrative positions will become 12-month during the contract.