I read the article on the 443-unit Woodstone apartment complex in the June 28 issue of The News, and I was intrigued. I believe that the decision on building such an immense number of housing units should be revised and that a shopping complex should be considered.

A shopping complex would provide a place for a lot more stores in the township, and could lead to a lot more job openings. One of the main reasons the shopping complex was ruled out was because too many people were buying on Amazon and putting local businesses out of business.

However, there are several types of stores that often require you to be there in person to actually buy products of your liking and fitting. For example, restaurants, outdoor activity stores, grocery stores, and possibly even clothing and accessory stores.

Also, the shopping complex would provide one further benefit that Amazon does not. It allows the consumers (in this case, residents of WWP) to enjoy the fact that when you buy a product, it is immediately yours.

All in all, the shopping complex is a much better suited to be in place of the soon-to-be apartment complex because it provides for new jobs, does not harm the infrastructure, and sets up for the possibilities of other apartment complexes in other areas in the township.

— Arjun Sil
Sul is a freshman at High School North.