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A beautiful, healthy smile can make a significant difference on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. No one knows this better than Board Certified orthodontist, Dr. Yana V. Newman. Her practice, Bordentown Braces, located on Crosswicks Road in Bordentown, loves to make you smile. Dr. Newman is dedicated to helping each patient achieve the beautiful, healthy straight smile they deserve.

Dr. Newman is committed to staying on top of the newest methods and techniques in orthodontics. She stays current with the latest innovations by regularly attending continuing education classes in various topics in dentistry and orthodontics. Additionally, she is an active member in several professional organizations including the American Association of Orthodontists, American Board of Orthodontics, and the New Jersey Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Newman is also a member of the orthodontic teaching staff at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

“Ours is an intimate, solo practice with an emphasis on personal care. Unlike larger, corporate practices where you might not know which doctor you’ll see when you come in, our team recognizes each patient with a friendly welcome. My staff have been with me for the long term. We consider our patients as family because many have been coming to us for years. We treat moms, dads and the kids and most of our referrals come from our existing patients,” Newman says.

“Our commitment is to serve our patients with care and compassion. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that each of our patients receives superlative care that is both efficient and effective.” Newman says proudly. “Technology has progressed so far from the old-fashioned hard braces. Our practice is almost entirely digital, we use the lowest dose digital x-rays and 3D scanning to capture individual characteristics of your teeth and gum tissue. Taking the scan is incredibly comfortable. There is no gooey mess or gagging associated with impression materials, you can breathe and swallow naturally during the digital 3D scan and there is no unpleasant taste. We also provide the latest innovative treatment options, such as clear ceramic braces or Invisalign®, which are more aesthetically pleasing choices specifically designed to improve your smile through increased comfort. We have so many more options available today.”

“I recommend that parents bring their children in for an oral assessment as young as seven years old. It’s never too early to see how a child’s mouth is developing. A wellness check can catch potential issues early. No referrals are needed.”

“We realize that each patient’s orthodontic needs are different. I have many adult patients who were unhappy with their smile, but age is not a consideration when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Healthy teeth can be moved successfully at any age. Orthodontic treatment creates a better bite, making teeth fit better, and decreases the risk of future dental problems regardless of age. My patients are so happy they finally got it done and the results are beautiful.”

Bordentown Braces is also a committed member of the community. “We sponsor several town teams such as baseball, basketball and soccer. We serve the community in many ways,” says Newman.

Nothing exudes beauty and confidence like a straight, vibrant smile. Using a precise mix of cutting-edge technology and time-proven methods, Dr. Newman and her team will work tirelessly to give you a smile you can be proud of!