This article was originally published in the July 2018 Princeton Echo.

Andre Veloux, the Princeton-based artist whose feminism-inspired works are created exclusively from Lego bricks, is exhibiting works created over the past two years at the Krause Gallery in New York City. Works included are from his series “Freedom Without Judgement” — depictions of women and clothing that represent a woman’s right to not be judged or harassed for how she dresses — and “Enthusiastic Consent,” works inspired by the #MeToo movement that show sex in a positive light.

Veloux, a native of England, trained as a mathematician and became a stay-at-home dad after the birth of his daughter. His wife’s work brought the family to Princeton in 2010. He then found his artistic side, and had his first exhibited work at Small World Coffee in 2013. Last year he was artist-in-residence at the public library.

The Krause Gallery is located at 149 Orchard Street in New York. Veloux’s works are on view along with works by British artist Peter Combe through Saturday, July 20.

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