Legislation to place a “U Text, U-Drive, U-Pay” reminder a vehicle’s inspection sticker was approved by the state Assembly June 21.

It passed with a vote of 76-0-1, and now goes to the state Senate for further review.

Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo drafted the legislation after being contacted by Robbinsville High School’s chapter of Students Against Drunk Driving. SADD members stressed the need for an anti-texting and driving message similar to the “Click it or Ticket” slogan that is displayed on some motor vehicles stickers. DeAngelo and Daniel Benson, who represent Robbinsville, sponsored the bill.

The bill (A-2601) would require motor vehicle inspection stickers to notify drivers of the penalty for texting while driving. Under current law, texting and driving carries a penalty of $200 to $400 for a first offense; a penalty of $400 to $600 for a second offense; and a penalty between $600 and $800 for any subsequent offense. A third or subsequent offense also may result in a loss of license up to 90 days and three motor vehicle penalty points.