The Zoning Board is scheduled to hear the following applications at its regular meeting on Wednesday, June 27:

30 Maclean Street, Princeton Maclean LLC, owner and applicant. Extension of time for major site plan with variances.

69 Farrand Road, Hongyu Zhao and Heiping Diao, owners, applicants. Variance to approve location of deck that was constructed without approval in exception to the rear yard setback and impervious coverage requirements.

127 Jefferson Road, Steven Totten and Elizabeth Totten, owners; Edward Totten, applicant. Variance to permit construction of an ADA-accessible ramp within the required side yard setbacks.

110 Witherspoon Street, Jackson-Witherspoon Historic District, Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church of Princeton, owner; the Paul Robeson House, a non-profit corporation, applicant. Minor site plan with use and bulk variances to permit renovations to this house, which is the birthplace and childhood home of the scholar, athlete, performer, lawyer, and civil rights activist Paul Robeson.