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Recently PSE&G has dug up various streets in the West Trenton area and has left the area poorly patched vertically and horizontally. The patch work they did has is doing havoc to our vehicles and especially to the alignments of our new vehicles.
Our roads were in good shape prior to their digging them up and the patch job PSE&G has done is poor and in one area they left a large metal plate.
What can you do to have PSE&G responsible to have our roads returned to the good condition they were in prior throughout our area?
–Carmen Crea

We have met with PSEG regarding the work that has been done in the West Trenton Area.
They have completed similar work throughout Ewing Township, and they are required to repair and pave the roads in the following manner.

If they dug down the middle of the road, they will have to repave the whole road in the area they dug.

If they dug on the right side of the road they will have to repave from the center of the road to edge of the side of the road they worked on.

Similarly if they paved on the left side of the road they will have to pave from the center of the road to the edge of the left side. This was agreed to after a meeting with representative of PSEG, my administrator and me.

This was also reported to the Board of Public Utilites as part of the approval process for all the gas upgrades.