In a joint effort with Hamilton Township, the Mercer County Department of Transportation & Infrastructure has installed a new traffic signal at the intersection of Hughes Drive and Paxson Avenue. The signal was activated June 8.

Although Hughes Drive and Paxson Avenue are under the jurisdiction of Hamilton Township, one of the approaches to the intersection serves as a key access to Mercer County Park, which has more than a million visitors a year and experiences heavy traffic demand during park events.

“Mercer County has been working with Hamilton Township to improve safety at the intersection for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists,” county executive Brian M. Hughes said. “This traffic signal is the result of that collaboration.”

Initially, a median was installed to better accommodate pedestrians crossing Hughes Drive to access the park. However, upon completing additional traffic studies and further discussing traffic conditions at the intersection with Hamilton Township officials, it was determined that installation of a traffic signal was the most appropriate course of action to address ongoing safety concerns.

In addition to enabling motorists to access Hughes Drive from Paxson Avenue under signalized control, the new traffic signal includes provisions for pedestrians to safely cross Hughes Drive. Under the terms of a shared services agreement and in order to minimize overall costs, Mercer County agreed to design and administer the project. Costs were further reduced by having a significant portion of the work completed in-house by Mercer County traffic maintenance personnel.

Construction costs will be equally divided between Mercer County and Hamilton Township. Mercer County will maintain the traffic signal and Hamilton Township will be responsible for electric service costs and the maintenance of its roadways.