They’re going to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Duke, Penn, Cornell and Georgia Tech. They are future pediatricians, architects, accountants, surgeons, aerospace engineers and software designers. They are the Top 10 seniors at Hamilton High West, Nottingham High School and Steinert High School—and they graduate this month.

The three Top 10s feature 24 girls and six boys, all with lofty career aspirations. They—and the rest of the Class of 2018—will say farewell to high school in late June. All three schools graduate June 22.

Steinert students will graduate at the CURE Insurance Area in Trenton at 7 p.m. The high school’s top 10 seniors are listed below.

1Samantha Woolf

Harvard University
Child neurologist/psychiatrist
Class rank: 1 GPA: 4.87

Sports: Cross country, swimming, track

Clubs: Spartan Sentinel, National Honor Society, Peer Leadership, Spanish National Honor Society, Student Government Association, Key Club

Prior schooling: Langtree Elementary, Crockett Middle

Person who inspires me: “Mrs. Mary Komjathy because her commitment to her students extends beyond our middle school graduation. She inspires innumerable young people to work hard, follow our dreams and stay humble.”

Favorite memory: “I’m a major English nerd, so one memory that stands out is an 8th grade creative writing project. Mrs. Hart had our class write horror stories, and I decided I wanted to write something involving all 18 members of the class. “The Disappearances of Room B-21” was born; we read the piece in class, and everyone laughed as they brought their own characters to life.”

2Giana Pittaro

Yale University
Class rank: 2 GPA: 4.8

Intercolliegate sports: Soccer

Sports: Soccer

Clubs: Peer Leadership

Prior schooling: St. Gregory the Great Academy, Reynolds Middle

Person who inspires me: “My older sister Erica. She is the strongest, most determined person I know, and I have looked up to her my entire life.”

Favorite memory: “This past year when our soccer team won the Mercer County Tournament. The feeling was indescribable and was a culmination of all of the hard work our team put in every day. I formed life-long friendshps with the girls on the team, and winning the MCT is a memory that will be with me forever.”

3Robert Measner

Cornell University
Aerospace engineer
Class rank: 3 GPA: 4.79

Sports: Spring track

Clubs: Physicis Club, math Club, German Club

Prior schooling: Yardville Elementary, Reynolds Middle

Person who inspires me: “Elon Musk. He can’t be tamed, and he’s sold flamethrowers.”

Favorite memory: “Leaving early the day of prom and going to Toys ‘R’ Us one last time.”

4Erika Golik

Misericordia University
Pediatric occupational therapy
Class rank: 4 GPA: 4.72

Sports: Soccer, basketball

Clubs: Peer Leadership, National Honor Society (vice president), Science national Honor Society, Unified Club

Prior schooling: Yardville Elementary, Reynolds Middle

Person who inspires me: “My teacher, Ms. Erin Blew, because I admire her character and commitment to positively influencing the lives of all her students, which she has done to mine.”

Favorite memory: “Winning the Mercer County Tournament girls’ soccer championship. Being able to make history with my teammates is an experience I’ll never forget. That indescribable feeling of winning made the intense trainings, tough losses and battle through sudden death penalty kicks all worth it. I created a bond that will never be broken.”

5Griffin Trayner

Vassar College
Class rank: 5 GPA: 4.69

Clubs: Marching band, jazz band, pit orchestra, Math Club, innovation lab

Prior schooling: Robinson Elementary, Grice Middle

Person who inspires me: “Cannonball Adderly, a famous alto sax player, for his dedication to his music and his always-upbeat attitude.”

Favorite memory: “When jazz band went to Boston. The whole band sounded great, and all the hard work the saxophones had put into their sound really paid off. I enjoyed spending a weekend with my closest friends and listening to amazing bands from all over the country. It was inspiring to see so much talent in one place.”

6Tooba Bajwa

The College of New Jersey
System software developer
Class rank: 6 GPA: 4.67

Sports: Tennis

Clubs: Key Club, science club, baking club, Spanish National Honor Society, National Honor Society

Prior schooling: Langtree Elementary, Crockett Middle

Person who inspires me: “My parents who never stop working and are always looking out for me.”

Favorite memory: “My 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. Not only did we get to see the Capitol and the Holocaust Memorial Museum, but this trip gave me the opportunity to spend one last fun-filled day with my friends.”

7Cora Bridgers

Muhlenberg College
Class rank: 7 GPA: 4.66

Intercolliegate sports: Softball

Sports: Softball

Clubs: Volleyball club, baking club, Peer Leadership

Prior schooling: Morgan Elementary, Reynolds Middle

Person who inspires me: “My mother. She is the most resilient, honest and inspirational individual I have ever known. She pushes me to do my best and accept nothing below that.”

Favorite memory: “This is very odd, but my favorite memory is in third grade when I received my first and second bad mark on a test. I cried and hated the feeling, so I told myself I wouldn’t get a bad grade again.”

8Olivia Babice

University of Miami
Class rank: 8 GPA: 4.65

Sports: Ice hockey statistician

Clubs: Student Government Association, senior class secretary, Key Club, school musical, National Honor Society (vice president), Stevie Jane’s Angel Foundation

Prior schooling: Langtree Elementary, Crockett Middle

Person who inspires me: “My closest friends demonstrate determination every day. It inspires me on a daily basis to work hard and put my best effort forward.”

Favorite memory: “Mine is more than a memory. It is the people I have met along the way that have guided me to reach my full potential. I have met people I will be friends with for my entire life. Together, we have made memories that are irreplaceable.”

9Dylan McGettigan

University of Pittsburgh
Army combat engineer
Class rank: 9 GPA: 4.66

Sports: Swimming, cross country

Prior schooling: Morgan Elementary, Reynolds Middle

Person who inspires me: “John Wick. He drives a cool car. He’s rich. He’s a dog lover. All traits I respect.”

Favorite memory: “When the 200 free relay that I was in for swimming broke the school record. I felt the work I had put in over the three years had finally come to fruition, and I loved to see my teammates succeed with me.”

10Mallory Mullen

The College of New Jersey
Pediatric nurse
Class rank: 10 GPA: 4.65

Sports: Tennis, track

Clubs: Key Club, student government, French club

Prior schooling: Morgan Elementary, Reynolds Middle

Person who inspires me: “With her constant determination to succeed and preservation of a 4.0 GPA throughout her college career, my sister, Katie, is the most inspirational person in my life.”

Favorite memory: “My favorite memory was from Morgan Elementary. The entire school had an opportunity to enter a songwriting contest, the prize being a Karaoke machine and having your song heard at school assemblies for the next 50 years. After days of anticipation, I finally heard my name announced on the intercom as the winner. I am overwhelmed with pride each time I think about how for the next five decades, Morgan School will hear my words, sung by students just like me.”