The Robbinsville High School Class of 2018 is set to graduate 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 20 at the school’s athletic field.

Among those graduates are this year’s Exceptional Seniors, a group of 11 students chosen by the school administration.

These students represent the best of the Class of 2018, and are en route to top-flight institutions like Cornell, Princeton and Northwestern. They aspire to careers in medicine, science and math. The students appear below in random order.

1Aleena Jamal

Penn State and Jefferson Med School

Sports: Tennis

Clubs: FMLA (president), debate team, Model UN, Multicultural Club

Prior schooling: Allentown Elementary, SciCore Academy, Pond Road Middle

Person who inspires me: “My mother. Though it sounds cliche, she’s been my inspiration for pursuing medicine. I aspire to her level of success.”

Favorite memory: “Our poster presentation at the Waksman Institute for our research in molecular biology junior year. The eggplant sandwiches and pepper jack cheese was amazing.”

2Aman Mathew

Rutgers University

Clubs: Debate club, Science Olympiad, math league

Prior schooling: Sharon Elementary, Pond Road Middle

Person who inspires me: “My mother because she has the strength to raise my sister and me—two wild children–and still have enough energy to make the world a better place.”

Favorite memory: “Mine is actually a compilation of memories. It’s every small conversation or giggle I’ve had with my peers. This small interaction, although seemingly insignificant, provided an unexplainable joy to my life that has made me into the energetic and happy person I am today.”

3Brian Snyder

Lehigh University

Sports: Basketball, track

Clubs: Project Unify, Model UN, National Honor Society, World Languages Honor Society
Prior schooling: Sharon Elementary, Pond Road Middle

Person who inspires me: “Coach Steve, my first basketball coach, who became an early mentor and also fueled my love for basketball.”

Favorite memory: “The senior trip to Disney World. Spending five days in Disney with friends, I made unforgettable memories that served as the perfect send off for my four years in high school.”

4Jared Glassband

Cornell University

Clubs: FIRST robotics, executive council, Environmental Club

Prior schooling: Sharon Elementary, Pond Road Middle

Person who inspires me: “My dad because he is the reason I am who I am, and embodies everything that I want to be.”

Favorite memory: “Afghan Kabob and Grill with the boys.”

5Joshua Poravanthattil

University of Pittsburgh

Sports: Tennis (captain)

Clubs: Science Olympiad, Math League, robotics, National Honor Society

Prior schooling: Perry L. Drew Elementary (East Windsor), Melvin H. Kreps Middle (East Windsor)

Person who inspires me: “Parents and staff who guided me in my passion for science and provided countless opportunities to research and augment my knowledge.”

Favorite memory: “Moving to Robbinsville High in my sophomore year was a time of anxiety, stress and fear of the unknown. I acquired a sincere determination to make my mark. The friends and especially teacher made the moving experience all the more easy. I was able to acquaint myself with amazing students and staff, and even won the word for excellence in AP Biology as a sophomore.”

6Ritvik Agnihotri

Princeton University
Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering

Sports: Golf

Clubs: Math League (president), Science Olympiad, National Honor Society (vice president), WLHS, Model U.N. (secretary), Science Bowl (captain)
Prior schooling: Sharon School, Pond Road Middle

Person who inspires me: “My mentor during my NASA internship, Mr. Muhugeta Petros, because he ran away from a civil war in Ethiopia and persevered through many obstacles. He is an award-winning scientist.”

Favorite memory: “As soon as I was about to doze off, I hear ‘and in second place, Robbinsville High School!’ A wave of cheers resonates within the auditorium. I am frozen in disbelief: a mere two years ago, the Science Olympiad Club was shut down. Fueled by my passion for the club and of the future condition of our school, I refounded the club and led it through many trials and tribulations. When I went up to receive the trophy, I insisted the rest of the exec team accompany me. This achievement is my favorite memory.”

7Mrinali Taskar

Swarthmore College

Clubs: Color guard (captain), winter guard (captain), Gender Liberation Club, Multicultural Club (board member), National Honor Society, World Languages Honor Society

Prior schooling: Sharon Elementary, Pond Road Middle

Person who inspires me: “My parents because they moved here from India and got professional degrees in American colleges (despite English being their second language) to ensure their children had more opportunities and could succeed.”

Favorite memory: “Working on and presenting my AP Physics I final sophomore year. We had to build musical instruments from scratch and write a song about the class. My group wrote a parody of ‘I Write Sins, Not Tragedies’ by Panic! at the Disco called ‘I Write Songs, Not Physics Equations.’ I built a drum out of 100 popsicle sticks, 20 layers of duct tape and hot glue. I was elected to be the main singer, and despite being sick that day, the performance was super fun, and we got the highest grade on it. The project was the first time I was able to merge music and academics in a traditional classroom setting without the usual pressure/anxiety associated with solo performances, so I was about to push myself out of my zone and still enjoy myself.”

8Sean McCunney

The George Washington University
Political Science and Economics

Clubs: Spring Musical, Choir, National Honor Society, World Language Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Amnesty International Club

Prior schooling: Sharon Elementary, Pond Road Middle

Person who inspires me: “Mr. Holub, my 8th grade history teacher, who sparked my interest in U.S. government and politics, and showed me how to work hard and love what I do.”

Favorite memory: “Taking my final bow after ‘The Drowsy Chaperone,’ my last main stage production at RHS.”

9Nikita John

Rutgers University
Biomedical Engineering

Clubs: Marching Band, Gender Liberation Club, Winter Guard

Prior schooling: Randolphville Elementary School (Piscataway), Conackamack Middle School (Piscataway), Pond Road Middle

Person who inspires me: “The most inspirational person in my life is my father because he worked hard and was able to give my family an easier and better life. He is my role model when it comes to work ethic and optimism.”

Favorite memory: “My favorite memory from my K-12 schooling is when my friends and I in Marching Band hung out together at Virginia Beach on a school trip. We got to stay at the beach for hours, talking and walking along the shore, and enjoyed a pizza picnic lunch on the sand. I loved being surrounded by the beach and my friends; it made for one of the most relaxing and fun days I’ve experienced.”

10Revika Singh

Northwestern and Feinberg School of Medicine

Clubs: Multicultural Club, Debate Club, Model U.N.

Prior schooling: Sharon Elementary, Pond Road Middle

Person who inspires me: “My little sister, whose strengths and passion for life I have always admired.”

Favorite memory: “Wearing pajamas to school and watching the Polar Express in Elementary School.”

11Mariko McMurtry

Cornell University
Mechanical engineering

Clubs: Robotics, marching band, National Honor Society

Prior schooling: Sharon Elementary, Pond Road Middle

Favorite memory: “Winning the Mid-Atlantic District Championship my junior year with the robotics team, Nemesis 2590. After multiple losses, it was an amazing feeling to know our late nights in the tech lab, eating nothing but Taco Bell, finally paid off.”