Congratulations the great work over the past 10 years and on the 10th anniversary feature, which is a wonderful history of the growth of our town. Both the story selection and the writing show your above-and-beyond appreciation for our community.

I hope everyone in Robbinsville appreciates how blessed we are to have the continuity of editor Rob Anthes’s coverage for such an extended period, which is so rare for someone with his gifts. There are three pieces of journalism I keep in a drawer as my all-time gems: The TIME cover story from 9/11, Howell Raines’ New York Times’ Magazine story “Grady’s Gift,” which I knew would win the Pulitzer the day I read it, and Anthes’s May 2016 piece on Dr. Mayer. All are equal in my mind.

— Mary Caffrey

Beautifully written article about Steve Mayer, a hero so deeply missed (“Legacy of love,” April 2018 edition). Thank you.

— Jennifer Quinones Kirwin

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