This article was originally published in the June 2018 Princeton Echo.

The stitching completed by Mayor Liz Lempert honors former mayor Barbara Sigmund.

In 2016 Diana Weymar came to the Arts Council of Princeton and taught the community how to sew. The end goal was an exhibit titled “Interwoven Stories” featuring embroideries by community members on 8.5 x 11 pieces of cotton muslin stitched to look like looseleaf paper. People started sewing, and an exhibit took form that fall.

For Weymar the exhibit marked a return to Princeton. She is a 1991 alumna of Princeton University, and her husband, Matthew, is a Princeton native, the son of Caroline and Helmut Weymar, the founder of Commodities Corporation. She now lives in British Columbia, Canada.

Now Weymar is back again with “Interwoven Stories International,” on view in the Arts Council’s Taplin Gallery through Saturday, June 23. An artist talk and closing reception take place at 1 p.m. The more than 300 pages that comprise the exhibit include contributions from Princeton community members as well as works from similar projects Weymar has led elsewhere, including in San Francisco, Syria, Colombia, and British Columbia.

“This show will be a homecoming for the pages that were created in Princeton and a welcoming for pages from other places,” says Weymar. “As an international project that originated in Princeton, it’s extremely exciting to see how the pages first created in this community have inspired people around the world to create to join the collective narrative.”

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