Artist Herman ‘Shorty’ Rose, who received funding for ‘Children are the Future of Art.’

I Am Trenton Foundation and Isles announced the awards of 15 grants to launch a series of creative projects in the in Old Trenton Neighborhood.

The awards ranging from $1,400 to $8,000 are part of a $68,000 NJ Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit program and reflect Isles’ efforts in creating a creative district in the Hanover and Academy streets area.

The projects were selected from a pool of 25 proposals I Am Trenton received in February by a panel including professional artists and community members.

The recipients and projects are:

Academy One Garden: Garden improvement project to improve the garden’s physical space and engage more community members to make the garden more open and hospitable.

Andrew Wilkinson: “Reflect, then Transform,” a public art project in which reflective material will be installed on boarded windows and other structures to reflect the beauty of the community, streets, and architecture.

Artworks Trenton: “Old Trenton Flavor,” with area youth and families creating mural panels under the supervision of an artist and mounted along the 1975 wing of the library.

Bruce Lindsay and Aylin Green: “OTN Art Puzzle,” a community art project using City of Trenton-shaped primed plywood as a medium to be painted by participants of all ages and backgrounds during Old Trenton Neighborhood public events and exhibits in the neighborhood in fall, 2018.

Each One Teach One: A series of film screenings and interactive discussions designed to create dialogue within the Old Trenton Community and its neighbors.

First Presbyterian Church of Trenton: A series community projects to strengthen interaction between the church and community, share the church’s significant history, and explore how church and community neighborhoods can work together.

The Garvey School: Garvey Community Education Program, a series of educational, cultural, and performing arts workshops, including dance, drumming, sewing, etc., at the Trenton Free Public Library, Mercer County Community College’s Downtown Campus, and other neighborhood venues.

Artists Herman ‘Shorty’ Rose and Lisa Lewis: “Children are the Future of Art,” an educational program introducing art to children of the Old Trenton neighborhood through arts activities hosted at the Trenton Community A-TEAM.

Leon Rainbow/TAWA: “Beautiful Broad Street Mural Project,” the creation of a cityscape mural between Broad Street Discount Furniture and Mercer County Community College, Fashion and Design School.

The Orchid Group: Creative Capital project designed to cultivate residents’ interest and ownership in the Old Trenton creative economy through a combination of design and fabrication of furniture and other items and educational programming around land use, property ownership, etc.

The Six Oh Nine Project: F.A.C.T. (Future Artists + Creators of Trenton), a 12-week hands-on photography teen program that teaches the fundamentals of photography, guides participants in creating a portfolio in the neighborhood, and exhibits work.

Trenton Community A-Team (TCAT): Collaborative Mural, a public art project with A-Team artists collaborating on a series of 12 mural panels to be installed along the fence along TCAT’s courtyard at 51 North Stockton Street.

Trenton People’s Bookfair: The second Trenton People’s Bookfair, a free, family friendly, all-day event celebrating “equality, equity, diversity, and the city of Trenton” with food, music, books, and workshops.

Walter Roberts: “Faces of Old Trenton,” featuring local artist Roberts’ visual showcase of the people, streetscapes, and features of the neighborhood, along with community interactions, and the creation of a photo and video documentation project by teenage resident Nasir Murphy.

William Kinsley: Off the Chain will be a free monthly series of community bicycle repair workshops at the Orchid House that aim to make cycling safer and easier for Old Trenton residents.

Projects are designed to be completed by December 31, 2018.
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