The Plainsboro Township Police Department will be conducting its comprehensive pedestrian safety program through June 15.

The program is funded by a state grant obtained by the Plainsboro Police Department’s Traffic Division.

According to Sgt. Brett Olma, the program consists of three components.

The education component of the program involves getting the pedestrian safety message to all members of the community through meetings and publications.

The enforcement component involves targeted police patrols at high-volume pedestrian locations within the community.

Olma said these patrols are designed to target both motorists and pedestrians whose actions put pedestrians at risk. Both motor vehicle and pedestrian laws are emphasized.

The engineering component of the program explores traffic engineering improvements including enhanced crosswalks, signs and signals, such as the recent addition of retroreflective stop sign posts in many locations throughout the township and the newly installed mid-block pedestrian signal for Mill Pond Park.

“Plainsboro Township prides itself on its walkability,” Sgt. Olma said. “The large number of bicycle lanes, parks and walking paths servicing the community all contribute to a large volume of pedestrian and bicyclist traffic, particularly at rush and lunch hours.”

He added that much of the volume tends to center around business and retail locations within the community.

Several of these locations have been identified as target areas, where police are concentrating their program efforts, Sgt. Olma said.