The letters of Kani Ilangovan, Anthony DeCarlo and A. Howard in the April 12 issue of The News all missed a very important point. On the national scale, the “gun safety” resolution was a waste of time, energy, and money, as Mayor Marathe and council members Manzari and Bahree correctly pointed out. Our two U.S. senators were already firmly on record that they would oppose Senate Bill 446 regarding reciprocal open carry rights for firearms. They needed no further convincing.

School shootings are atrocious, horrific acts. A good way to help prevent these would be for authorities to take seriously and investigate reports of erratic or threatening behavior on the part of disaffected present and former students as well as other members of society. Threats are never acceptable.

As to procedure, the resolution was out of order and should not have been brought up for a vote at the March 26 meeting.

It was never properly noticed so that the public could comment on its specific wording. Instead, it was noticed as new business to be discussed near the end of the meeting after all official action had already been taken.

Emotions on such a volatile issue are completely understandable, but bullying is unacceptable in the council chamber as well as everywhere else. Presiding officers need to keep control of meetings.

Particularly, for a council member to ask people to stand up in support of a proposal or vote was wrong. Applause is fine, but booing and the holding up of signs by the audience should not be permitted. There is always plenty of opportunity for civil comment.

This is not to say that Council should never encourage action at the state level as long as they keep local politics out of it as far as possible.

For example, most people would probably agree that it would be far better to have legislative rather than judicial action on the matter of affordable housing.

— Tracy Sinatra, West Windsor