As a member of the Greater Mercer Public Health Partnership, Capital Health encourages residents of Mercer County to help shape the way health and wellness services are provided in the region through a new survey, available online at

The survey will also be available at many Mercer County libraries, senior centers, and health clinics in the area. The survey closes on May 18.

“We are most interested to receive input from residents about health issues and the accessibility of health services in Mercer County,” Diane Grillo, president of the GMPHP, said. “We want to hear first-hand from people in our community what matters most.”

The data will be used to craft Mercer County’s Community Health Assessment (CHA), a tool in determining how healthcare resources in Mercer County are best deployed in the future.

The most recent CHA, established by the GMPHP in 2015, found four priority areas for Mercer County: healthy eating and active living, chronic disease, mental health and substance abuse, and transportation and the built environment. The GMPHP and its community advisory board, a team of over 40 organizations in the county, have been working toward goals in these areas since the first assessment.

The GMPHP is a collaborative among Capital Health, RWJ Hamilton, St. Francis Medical Center, St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center, local municipal health departments, the Mercer County Department of Human Services, and other nonprofit organizations whose mission is to measurably improve the health of residents of the Mercer County community. To receive a hard copy of the survey, call the GMPHP at 609-580-0621.