This article was originally published in the April 2018 Trenton Downtowner.

From the Bridge The Vote Facebook page.

The current City of Trenton election is the most significant one seen in decades. At stake? The lives and futures of all who live in a city that has both enormous potential to become a thriving city and staggering challenges that hinder that hope. Those challenges include addressing education, employment, and public safety.

Another challenge is just staying clear during the campaigns that will be nearing their high tides by the end of April — Election Day is May 8 — and there will be a mixture of sense and nonsense offered by the capable and the clueless.

No doubt about it knowledge is power, but getting it requires some know-how and vigilance.

So where to go? Trenton citizens have several blogs or websites maintained by individuals who have been involved with Trenton politics. Here are several that may be helpful:
And Another Thing: Trenton resident, broadcast journalism professional, and past city council candidate Kevin Moriarty’s detailed followings of council meetings, developments at the Trenton Water Works, and city budgets.

Re-Invent Trenton: Trenton resident Dan Dodson applies his Harvard MBA and professional experience to examine and report on a variety of important issues, ranging from the city operating without a budget, campaign issues, and home ownership.

From the Front Stoop: Past council candidate, former member of the City of Trenton Ethics Board, and former Mill Hill resident Jim Carlucci provides commentary, context, and insight.

Carlucci’s Facebook site, Fans of Trenton’s Irresponsible Blogger, is an open forum for city residents to share information, debate, and clarify.

Bridge The Vote: Trenton resident, community activist, and host of the WIMG 1300 radio program Trenton 365 (also available online), Jacque Howard has logged a series of interviews with mayoral and city council candidates.

It is an important moment in Trenton’s history and time to get informed and vote. And yes, your future really does depend on it.