At the end of Delaware Street in Fieldsboro starts Rising Sun Road in Bordentown Township, and there are no sidewalks for the people of the southern end of the township to walk to the Acme Commons shopping center. About two months ago, a fellow was struck by a car coming out of the entrance on this street. Fortunately, he was OK, but this incident has shaken me up. I witnessed this. The street lighting was very poor. I could see how this would happen.

There are several hundred homes in the southern end of Bordentown township, and many people walk to the shopping center. Fieldsboro has a sidewalk, but the township has none. People walk in the road, and I have witnessed several close calls. When two cars are on the road, people get pushed off into the shoulder of the road, which is high weeds and mud. Several pot holes have been filled numerous times, but the road is eroded.

This road was never designed for commercial traffic. Large trucks come into this street from Route 130, use the rear warehouse, and then exit onto Washington Street to the Route 130 intersection.

The Bordentown township side, Rising Sun Road, has no curbs or proper storm water runoff and drains. When the shopping center was built, they focused on Washington Street and not Rising Sun and Delaware Street. Fieldsboro corrected their end by replacing the road and adding drainage for storm water runoff.

With more homes and people, we need to address this safety issue, as it has been a long time and has been neglected. People ride the public service bus (409) into Fieldsboro to access their jobs across Route 130 in the township, and they use this way instead of going to the intersection. That has no safe pedestrian crossing, either. It’s not a hard fix, but I was told it’s a money issue! What’s more important, safety or money?

I have called the Bordentown Township administrator Mike Theokas several times, and he only returned my call once. Bordentown Township Police Chief Brian Pesce was very helpful in listening to my concerns.

We need to have this big safety issue corrected before there are more serious injuries and more people move into our area. As it was reported in the Burlington County Times, 200 homes will be built off Route 130 near the shopping center. More people, but no safety corrections. This is a huge problem.

— Steve Jaczko