Edgar Urias, executive chef Blue Point Grill; Jess Morrison, vice president JM Group; Kristina Daniels, assistant general manager Blue Point Grill; Paula Flory, director BCRC; Jack Morrison, president JM Group; Steven Murray, General manager Blue Point Grill

Blue Point Grill’s 2018 Pink Pearl Night has resulted in the donation of $15,000 to the Princeton YWCA’s Breast Cancer Resource Center.

In a statement, the staff of Blue Point Grill thanked their sponsors and friends who supported Pink Pearl Night. The event featured an eight-course seafood dinner and Witherspoon Grill’s Pink Drink Night.

The mission of the Breast Cancer Resource Center is to provide every woman who reaches out to them with personalized programs and services that will enable her to live with, through and beyond breast cancer.

Blue Point Grill said they are proud to support the Breast Cancer Resource Center and be a part of this wonderful community.