In every edition of the Ewing Observer, Mayor Bert Steinmann answers readers’ questions. This month, the Ewing Observer posed several questions to the mayor based on what we’ve heard people talking about around town.

What is the status of the township-wide property revaluation?

The revaluation process has started. The company has been preparing the maps for the public process. They will have public meetings as required to explain the process
They will attempt to contact every property owner for access to help determine the value. If for any reason they are not granted access they will use the information available. The work should be completed by the middle of November.

It’s the time of year when residents start cleaning up their yards. What’s the procedure for yard debris gathered during spring cleaning? Should people be leaving their brush and leaves at the curb for pickup?

We will pick up brush and leaves from Spring cleaning starting in late April (weather dependent) and complete the pickup in early June. We will be more date specific as spring arrives.

Residents only can continue to drop off the leaves and brush at our Jack Stephan location that is adjacent to the old Navy center off of Parkway Avenue. You can continue to place leaves in biodegradeable bags and they will be picked up weekly the day after your regular trash is picked up.

Can you give an update on the Scudders Falls Bridge? How much longer is that project going to continue?

The new Scudder Falls Bridge project is scheduled for completion in 2019. Please go to the website for the project for all the updates at This gives you daily updates as well as travel advisories.

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