The following letter is in response to comments made by outgoing West Windsor Mayor Shing-Fu Hsueh about late community activist Peter Weale in the article, “Retiring Hsueh looks back” in the Dec. 26, 2017 issue of The News.

Shing. Its pretty cowardly to take a shot at Pete Weale, after his death. It pains me to write this, but in his honor I will make a couple of points. My family and I are 23 year residents of West Windsor. Your legacy, to be clear, is 1) Higher taxes, 2) Lower school rankings 3) Failure to create a center of town, and 4) The “Leaning Tower of Shing”—that eyesore pagoda thing that is listing precariously in what should be the center of out town. Surrounding towns have flourished—Robbinsville and Plainsboro for example.

More serious, I think West Windsor has become a place for educational squatters. People move in for the schools, and as soon as their kids no longer need them, move out. There are limited affordable living options for our young or our old. I watch my contemporaries move out, one by one, and I can’t really blame them.

— John Tampellini, West Windsor

In his signoff, Tampellini identifies himself as “president of the Pete Weale Society for Better Government, 23-year-resident of West Windsor and son of immigrants.”