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Route 29 southbound Memorial Drive and Market Streets exits in Trenton are closed due to flooding, according to a statement from the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Route 29 southbound mainline is open, and Route 29 northbound mainline and exits are open.

Those that are planning on using Route 29 southbound are advised the best route to take is Route 29 to I-95 north to Route 1 south to enter Trenton. Motorists heading to the heading to the inauguration should plan extra time and should expect congestion.

Local traffic on Route 29 southbound may use Sullivan Way or Calhoun Street exits as alternate routes into Trenton, but should expect congestion. In addition, southbound traffic is being directed to the signalized intersection at Cass Street to make a U-turn onto Route 29 northbound to get to the Capitol Complex. NJDOT is working with the New Jersey State Police to minimize congestion and to assist those heading to the Inauguration.