The MOMS Club of Hamilton, a nonprofit support organization specifically designed for mothers, is celebrating their 20-year anniversary by adding new meeting times and groups.

In addition to meeting every Monday and Wednesday, the club added additional meetings on Fridays. Meetings are now held every Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon at The Ray Dwier Center, 392 Church Street. On Fridays, the club meets from 10 a.m. to noon at the Hamilton YMCA Cranbook Building, 1301 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road.

The MOMS Club of Hamilton’s purpose is to form a network of support for working and stay-at-home mothers of young children, from infants to preschoolers. Children are welcome at all activities, except the monthly Mom’s Night Out.

The club hosts weekly playgroups, guest speakers, a monthly Mom’s Night Out and attends community events, collectively adopts and donates to local charities, holds fundraisers, keeps stay-at-home mom’s professional skills sharp with executive board/coordinator positions, and celebrates each other’s milestones. Many of the stay-at-home, part-time and work-at-home moms utilize the playgroups because it offers them support and allows for their infants and toddlers to meet other local children.

The MOMS Club of Hamilton is implementing other changes to help local moms and their families. They created different of membership — general and alumni memberships — for those unable to fully participate in everyday activities due to work, schedules, moving, or other obligations.

The club created an alumni group for current and former members to connect across different generations, a special needs group to serve as a resource and sub-support group for parents with a special needs child, a partnership with the MOMS Club of Robbinsville to reach across town lines and work together for a better overall community, and a HOOT/HOWL Club or families whose spouses travel, work late, commute long hours, are active military, and/or do shift work as doctors, nurses, fireman, EMT and police. In addition, the club created a Dad’s Club so spouses have a local support network of their own.

For more information about playgroups and group activities, email or visit their Facebook page.