Trenton Water Works has gone awry of another safety standard, according to a letter sent to customers.

Trenton Water Works says tests in 2017 show its water contains haloacetic acid 5 (HAA5) in levels exceeding federal limits. In the summer, TWW revealed it also exceeded federal lead limits in 2017.

TWW serves parts of Ewing, Hamilton, Lawrence and Trenton.

HAA5 limit is 60 micrograms/liter. Tests at two locations show Trenton Water Works’ level at 62 micrograms/liter. At this level, there is no emergency, the TWW letter says, and residents don’t need to take action (e.g. boil water or cease use of water). Infants, elderly, pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems should ask their doctors about continued use of water, though.

Research indicates that exposure to haloacetic acids over many years may be carcinogenic. Exposure to other HAAs has also been associated with reproductive and developmental effects in laboratory animals, according to

For more information about the test results, contact Trenton Water Works. The full letter sent to customers is below.