The Robbinsville High School American Red Cross Club hosted its first Holiday Mail for Heroes Card Drive last month, and collected 360 cards thanking veterans who have served or are currently serving overseas.

The club partnered with Sharon Elementary School,  Denise Foley’s St. Gregory the Great Academy’s Religious Education class (CCD), the Girl Scouts of Robbinsville-Allentown, and Pond Road Middle School. It was held from Dec. 4 to Dec. 14 and was ded by club members Jarelle Boac, Natalie Lui, Arrshia Kumar, Emma Roberts, and Navpreetpal Chopra.

Collecting an overwhelming number of donations, the club’s initial goal of 100 cards was easily surpassed. Pond Road Middle School students from fifth to eighth grade gave the most cards, making about 150 cards for American troops. The club found itself with literal living rooms full of vibrant drawings, hand-made cards, and heartfelt notes.

In a statement, the club said the card drive’s success is true testament to the community values of Robbinsville, Allentown, and Hamilton.