Shame on you for publishing the satirical piece on the reenactment of George Washington’s Christmas crossing of the Delaware River (“Schore to Please,” December). I struggle to fathom why a local publication would print a column that mocked the event in a way that was obviously disconnected from the facts.

On that famous night in 1776, the tactical plan included multiple crossings: Trenton, Burlington, and Johnson’s Ferry (Titusville). However, river conditions were so dreadful that neither Col. Caldwalder nor Gen. Ewing’s forces were successful in traversing the Delaware. The only planned crossing that took place carried the highest ranked military officer (Washington) and was considered nothing short of miraculous, despite being delayed more than three hours by water, wind, snow and ice.

Today the stakes for the modern event are not quite as high as those that motivated two future presidents and their battered troops to cross a raging river, march on Trenton, and battle for our freedom. The reenactment doesn’t even involve live-fire munitions, because concern for the well-being of the actors trumps entertainment value.

The safety committee, which includes members of the state police and local fire and EMS, works closely with the reenactors to ensure that they have the best possible chance of a successful crossing. Robin Schore’s proposal that the students on the Princeton crew team may be “for hire” on Christmas day is not only ridiculous, it’s offensive.

Dr. Schore’s perspective on the Delaware crossing pageant is incomplete, and his tone suggests that he is laughing at you, not with you. Perhaps the author should get involved this year to help “Schore” up his understanding.

— Michael Sullivan, Titusville

Ex-mayors express outrage

Three former township mayors and a citizen were outraged by the Special Committee meeting on Dec. 7, which we were the only members of the public to attend.

The meeting was called to introduce an ordinance that would forever remake the west side of Scotch Road by transferring township land to C. F. Hopewell, Inc. in an exchange of property. Only three committee members (Kuchinski, McLaughlin, Sandom) were on hand.

The meeting was so rushed that the salute to the flag was omitted; the public was not allowed to comment on the agenda item before it was considered by the committee; and there was no paper agenda available for the public. Once public comment was allowed at the end of the meeting, the 3 minute opportunity to speak was strictly enforced, even though the meeting and the meeting took less than 20 minutes. The township attorney prohibited anyone from speaking twice.

The entire process was an embarrassment to the concept of good, open government. Hard to believe? Watch the videotape yourself.

— Harvey Lester, Jon Edwards, Jim Burd and Melanie Phillips