Here are my thoughts and suggestions for defusing the airport dispute. It doesn’t matter if it is called an enhancement or expansion because these words are synonyms.

The airport project design clearly shows graphically an expansion of the landing and take-off routes in the air-funnel for runway six.

It is clear by looking at the overview there is an expansion/widening of the funnel into areas of old growth trees and homes.

These homes have a ratable value $5.47 million with taxes produced in the amount of $286,969.79. There is no known plan for how Ewing will be made whole by the county for the ratables and taxes lost.

My suggestion eliminates the taking of property and related costs to or loss for both Ewing and the county. The freeholders need to empower airport management to strictly enforce current proper takeoff and landing routes.

Give management power to enforce the routes or to go to state and federal agencies to enforce the routes. Airport ra dar should automatically trigger a violation and subsequent enforcement. And the airport management should also report monthly to the county executive and freeholders on violations and enforcement.

The fines should be big. Start at $5,000. And double for every subsequent violations. Disputes could be settled by arbitration. If this is done, there is no need for property acquisition.

Enhancement is a polite word for expansion. A “beer belly” is not a “tummy enhancement.” I support a safe airport, but a McMansion terminal enhancement is too much.

— Joe Murphy, Ewing