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What type of information does and/or can the township send out with its reverse phone system?
–Debbie Jones

At the present time we have used the reverse system to send out emergency related calls, such as storms and snow events. We have also used the system to announce community events, such as Patriotic Committee events (fireworks, community day ).  Any other use of the reverse system would be screened by administration so we do not overuse the system.

Jacobs Creek Road is a narrow road with no shoulder that a lot of people take as a shortcut to Route 29 or Bear Tavern Road. There are a lot of bikers and walkers on our street as there is no sidewalk. The speed limit is 25 MPH yet majority of motorists do not obey it. Briefly in September there was an automatic speed measuring device placed near the intersection with Bear Tavern, but it did not last long. Is there a way that such a device can be installed permanently on both sides of the road so the drivers are reminded about the speed limit?
–Kasia Quirus

Jacobs Creek Road is a county road.  I have asked our police chief to reach out to the County engineer for discussion of a permanent speed notice sign.

I have lived in the Mountain View area for more than 50 years and we have always had a deer problem, but this year it is incredible.  Aside from the nuisance issue there is also potential for auto damage, casualties and health problems.  Deer are  hosts of the tick that carries Lyme disease. There is also the problem of rapid pickup and disposal of carcasses. 

Recently a deer dropped dead in my front yard.  Our Animal Control staff responded quickly, marked the carcass and dragged it to the street for pickup by Ewing’s contracted disposal service, who are supposed to act within 48 hours.  The carcass was left for more than 4 days, by which time swarms of vultures had feasted and spread animal parts and their excrement over the neighborhood.  Can you tell me what is being done to bring this population explosion under control and address the disposal issues?
–Paul Naro 

We have reached out the county to discuss their deer program that is used in their park land areas.  We have also contracted with a new company in the last month to address the deer carcass removal.   So far the new company has performed with a much quicker response time (within the 48 hours).

The storm drain in front of 1017 Terrace Blvd. overflows and backs-up in heavy rain storms. There has been a trash can lid in the storm drain for over a year. I have contacted Ewing public works six times over the past year, and I am always told that they will pass this information on to the supervisor.  To date no one has come out to clean the drain.  What can be done to fix this?
–Richard Lauricella

I sent out public works to look at this storm drain.  There was one item in the drain along with some leaves that were removed.

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