Experience history with reenactors portraying the soldiers who fought during the Battles of Trenton.

Trenton’s history will come to life during Patriots Week, an annual celebration of the city’s role in the American Revolution.

Held from Dec. 26 to Dec. 31, Patriots Week offers dozens of ways to experience and participate in the war that shaped our nation. From battle reenactments to historic house tours, Trenton will spend the week honoring its colonial roots.

Many of Trenton’s historic locations and buildings will be open for tours, including the Old Barracks Museum and the 1719 William Trent House Museum. Ralph Siegel, of Trenton Battlefield Tours, will also lead a 10-block interpretive walk that narrates the minute-by-minute events of the Battles of Trenton.

Photo Courtest of Drifting Focus Photography

Throughout the week, historians and authors will share unique Revolutionary War stories. On Dec. 26, visit The Old Barracks Museum and learn the story of John Honeyman, the New Jersey butcher and cattle dealer who—according to legend—became a spy for George Washington leading up to the game-changing victory in the First Battle of Trenton. On Wednesday, head over to the Trenton Public Library hear stories geared toward children about George Washington, the leader of the Revolutionary War.

The New Jersey State Museum will also be celebrating the city’s history by hosting holiday planetarium shows about the constellations and planets that occupied the sky when George Washington crossed the Delaware.

Join a revolutionary pub crawl Wednesday evening on South Warren Street to travel throughout the city’s “water holes” and restaurants. Mingle with the soldiers of the revolution and learn how to dance like the founding fathers during the colonial ball, held Friday night at the Historic Trenton Masonic Temple.

See history unfold during the reenactment of the Battle of Trenton on Saturday, Dec. 30. Follow the soldiers from the Battle monument down Warren Street to Mill Hill Park.

Finally, the Jersey Capital Philharmonic Orchestra closes out the week with a New Year’s Eve concert at the Patriots Theater.

For the full list of events, as well as parking and ticket information, visit the Trenton Downtown Association’s website or visit the links below for a day-to-day guide.