This summer, I moved from Mews at Princeton Junction, an apartment complex on Bear Brook Road in West Windsor, to Montgomery Street in Berrien City (also in West Windsor), just behind Maurice Hawk elementary school. I chose to move here so that I can walk/bike my first-grade son to school and my husband can walk to the train station.

On Thanksgiving Day, I decided to take a walk to Nash Park and Woo-Ri Mart; both opened in October this year. I took a close look at the leaning “Beautiful Pavilion” and thought it resembled a LEGO tower with a 5-degree bend in the middle. Walking along, I was delighted to find that Woo-Ri Mart was open, and two doors down, a Japanese Ramen house is coming. I have always wanted to have one in West Windsor, and now it is within walking distance to my home.

My walk home with three bags of groceries was blissful with cold breezes brushing over my cheeks. I remembered the last time I walked home with groceries was when I first came to America in 1992, in Flagstaff, Arizona. The difference is that back then I didn’t have a car and wanted a car. Now I have a car, but I want to walk.

Could it be true that our downtown is quietly coming already, centered at the Windsor Plaza shopping center? Are Woo-Ri Mart and the Japanese ramen house among the seeds for our downtown to flourish into a forest of shops that our residents will visit?

I certainly hope so, and I’ll try my best to work towards this goal as a council member of West Windsor. (I hope to earn your vote for the 2018 election.) I will try to get convenient and safe alternative transportation to these shops for all residents far and close, so we all can gather at our downtown, which I hope will turn into a destination and an integral part of our lives in West Windsor in a couple of years.

— Yan Mei Wang
Wang is an applicant for the council seat being vacated by Mayor-elect Hemant Marathe.