Serving as your mayor since 2005 has been an honor and a privilege, and I am humbled the residents of Robbinsville chose to reelect me on Nov. 7.

Election seasons are typically fraught with negative messaging, but this cycle seemed different. There was so much positive energy and forward momentum that we were able to easily convey our message, which is the state of Robbinsville Township has never been stronger. That is due in large part to the Robbinsville community, along with the hard work of an amazing team of employees and our township council.

In addition to a second straight tax cut, adding more highly-coveted ratables, striking a very favorable deal to meet our affordable housing obligations, saving the “Washington Woods” parcel from another 50 large homes and dedicating those 200-plus acres to open space, there is so much more on our plate that we want to accomplish over the next four years.

We will continue to do everything in our power to get Robbinsville its own independent ZIP code, and to make sure our school district is not flooded with more children than it can handle. The recent movement—and no shortage of interest—in the Foxmoor shopping plaza is very encouraging, and we hope to have a resolution regarding the 189-acre Miry Run property in the very near future. Making the long-neglected Mercer Mobile Home Park part of our affordable housing inventory, and building another “Project Freedom” in order to provide more barrier-free living for qualifying individuals, are two other very important goals.

Our infrastructure continues to improve with recent road enhancements on Main Street, Richardson Road, along with the new traffic signals at the troublesome intersections of Sharon/Gordon Roads and Washington Boulevard/Hutchinson Road. Again, none of this would be possible without your encouragement, feedback and support.

Thank you, Robbinsville!

* * *

Just a quick word about the visit by White House advisor Kellyanne Conway to Robbinsville on Nov. 14.

When the White House calls and asks to come speak with your small business owners about not only the proposed Trump tax plan, but New Jersey taxes in general, you respectfully offer them a forum. More importantly, you listen. You should listen regardless of your political affiliation and whether or not you agree or with the administration or its policies.

To be clear: we did not endorse or promote the proposed Trump tax plan. We listened to both sides, including Congressman Chris Smith, a Republican, who opposes the plan. One of my goals is to make Robbinsville in a place where people always feel welcome. The meeting at Papa’s Tomato Pies was a productive exchange of ideas and that cannot happen—at least not productively—if both sides are not listening to each other.

We cannot create change locally, statewide, nationally or globally by being divisive. I’d like to think Robbinsville was part of the solution on Nov. 14.

Dave Fried is the Mayor of Robbinsville Township.