In every edition of the Ewing Observer, Mayor Bert Steinmann answers readers’ questions.

Why doesn’t Ewing use Nixle? I appreciate the phone, email and text notification currently in place for emergencies and township updates, but Nixle is used by other towns’ police departments for street closures due to construction, accidents, found dogs, etc.
-Brenda Wood

Ewing evaluated Nixle, along with a number of other community notification systems, and decided that Swift911 was the best fit for us. The Swift911 system isn’t only for emergency notifications, though. Ewing can use it to provide many different types of non-emergency or informational notifications quickly and easily.

I encourage all residents to register all of their devices with Swift911, as the more residents who register their devices, the more versatile the system will be. Once registered citizens will have much greater control over the notifications they receive and may further customize their communications by opting in or out of some types of notifications.

For more information or to register now go to or on a smartphone text SWIFT911 to 99538. For questions about the system or if you do not have access to a computer please call (609) 883-2900, ext. 7777, and we will be happy to provide assistance.

What are the parking requirements at rental properties for college students? I take Lanning Avenue from Conway Avenue to Pennington Road each weekday morning. Cars are parked on both sides of the street, some sticking out, only one car can pass at a time and you can’t see what’s coming. Every street in my area has several college houses on each block, only one car will park in the driveway and the rest are on the street. Can the landlords be forced to widen the driveways, or not rent houses with one car width driveways to several students living in one house?
-Elsie Renae Davis

When I was on township council we passed an ordinance to address the parking issues of rental properties. It was challenged in court by the landlords. They lost the challenge in federal court and we started to enforce the new ordinance and parking requirements going back to 2006.

The landlords than went to superior court and on the last day of Judge Bill Mathesius’ time on the bench, and he overturned the parking ordinance and other related issues on rental properties. The mayor at that time under advice from the attorney chose not to appeal the ruling. The residents of the rental properties are permitted to park on the streets wherever there is an open spot.

When is something being done about speeding on Decou Avenue? I can back out of my driveway, see no cars, and then one is on top of me. People cut through all day. There are a lot of young children on the street. Do we need speed bumps? The school bus was speeding the other morning. It’s getting out of hand.
-John Rzuczek

I have referred your speeding concern to our police chief, who has assured me that they will have the area of Decou Avenue reviewed for speeding. He will also place one of our electronic speeding signs out there to help with the enforcement.

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