The outcome of the election was disappointing for me, my team and my family, but I cannot blame it on any single factor.

I had hoped that our neighborly, educated and diverse culture in West Windsor would embrace a campaign that honestly and respectfully debated the issues without deliberately distorting facts and waging personal attacks.

My strategy from the beginning was to knock on every door in West Windsor Township (we visited 7,121 homes, or 94 percent), speaking with as many residents as possible, and learning about the real issues facing West Windsor residents.

Instead of walking every neighborhood, our opponents campaigned on only one issue—who hates Howard Hughes Corporation the most. But no slander and sound-bite attacks will fix the sewer problems on Old Trenton Road, South Post Road, Line Road and Cubberly Road; or the lack of bike lanes in town; or the increasing anxiety facing our school children; or the many other concerns we heard.

Even though we were not elected, I know we won many hearts and brought many concerns to light. We have started a groundswell of support for collaborative and inclusive government.

My teammates, Kristin Epstein and Yingchao “YZ” Zhang, are dedicated to continue their public service to West Windsor and I fully support them in their future endeavors. For example, YZ is spearheading an IT Business Forum Group to renew West Windsor’s leadership in technology.

Kristin will continue to address the critical needs of the residents in the West Windsor affordable housing communities who otherwise lack a political voice, and she will work to improve bicycle/pedestrian safety and our environmental impact.

I plan to continue as chairman of the West Windsor Democrat Committee, vice chair of the Mercer County Democratic Committee and a commissioner of the Mercer County Improvement Authority.

I owe a big thank you to the residents of West Windsor. Thank you for opening your doors, for displaying our signs, and for weathering a long campaign. Thank you to all those who have worked tirelessly and selflessly on our behalf.

No one “runs” for public office alone. It takes grassroots support and an amazing team. Thank you, Kristin Epstein and Yingchao “YZ” Zhang! I am inspired daily by your energy, fresh ideas, and above all by your human decency.

— Kamal Khanna
Khanna ran an unsuccessful campaign to be elected West Windsor mayor this year.