High School North performed three intimate performances of William Shakespeare’s 12th Night, or What you Will last weekend. The play featured twins Sebastian and Viola, separated in a shipwreck, who find themselves on opposite sides of Illyria, home to Lady Olivia and Count Orsino.

Viola, disguised as the boy Cesario, is asked by Orsino to woo Olivia on his behalf. Olivia, adamant in her refusal of Orsino, falls for his messenger Cesario, who is unfortunately quite in love with “her” employer. Meanwhile, Olivia’s drunken Uncle Toby has convinced his wealthy friend Andrew that Olivia is in love with him.

The arrival at Oliva’s house of Sebastian, the mirror image of his sister as Cesario, further complicates the matter. Add a snooty servant, a clever handmaid and a musical jester and you have a muddle only Shakespeare could happily resolve.

Cast and crew in the production are Vijay Jayaraman, Grant Anderson, Andrew Lenart, Ben Sasportas, Alex Arias, Ted Braun, Josh Goldhammer, Melissa Logan, Trinity Stewart, Neha Vasudevan, Jenna Saroya, Ranjan Mahanth, Ashini Patel, Allie Bazanka, Ananya Sathish, Mira Sabin, Shreya Ragavan, Sneha Mukherjee, Darlene Escobar, Lexi Anthony, Belle Bannon, Holly Beske, Grace Bardachino, Shaheera Hussein, Nicole Potenza, Rosie Pipada, Collin Corriveau, Matt Devine, Reva Sangal, Brendan Roy, Lea Dempsey.